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I've been struggling with words lately so I figured it might be a good time to share some beautiful images that I've taken to provide inspiration for me when my muse is on vacation. Sometimes a texture calls out to me or a combination of shapes or an unusual combination of colors.  Today I was looking through those pics and had an idea for a personal design challenge and I could use your help.  I've chosen five pictures with an architectural theme. If you will choose one of these pics for me to use as a design inspiration and put the number of that picture in the comments below, I will work with the first pic that gets chosen five times.  

Downtown SF buidling on Sutter Street

1. A building on Sutter Street in SF


SF tiled apartment entrance

2. Tiled doorway 


Tiled Archway At A School

3. School Entrance


Duplex doorway

4. Duplex Doorway


Blue Pot On A Deck

5. Blue Pot On A Deck






  • nancy brose

    Just to spice it up. I like the Duplex entry

  • Ann Marie

    Looks like the winner is #2 Tiled Doorway. It was the first to five votes, though the school entrance also received five votes. Maybe I’ll do both. Thanks for your help! Stay tuned for the final piece :)

  • Dee Godwin

    Tiled Doorway

  • Gladys

    I like the tiled doorway.

  • MJ

    Love the blue pot.

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