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I've been struggling with words lately so I figured it might be a good time to share some beautiful images that I've taken to provide inspiration for me when my muse is on vacation. Sometimes a texture calls out to me or a combination of shapes or an unusual combination of colors.  Today I was looking through those pics and had an idea for a personal design challenge and I could use your help.  I've chosen five pictures with an architectural theme. If you will choose one of these pics for me to use as a design inspiration and put the number of that picture in the comments below, I will work with the first pic that gets chosen five times.  

Downtown SF buidling on Sutter Street

1. A building on Sutter Street in SF


SF tiled apartment entrance

2. Tiled doorway 


Tiled Archway At A School

3. School Entrance


Duplex doorway

4. Duplex Doorway


Blue Pot On A Deck

5. Blue Pot On A Deck






  • Pam

    I like the school entrance!

  • Sooz
    - I like the circles and the mosaics. I think that picture has the most versatility for your muse. Can’t wait to see what you came up with!!

  • Grace

    I have no idea why my one comment came out three or four times… weird!

  • Grace Polichar

    I really like the string of circles on the School Entrance #3. I love the colors on it too. Lively, thinking Lapis, Turquoise, Coral, and maybe some Jasper in the cream/yellow tones… of course not an exact match… but the shapes & colors are playful and make a lot of sense.

  • Deborah

    2. Tiled Doorway

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