The Healing Energies, Metaphysical Properties and Lore of Gemstones - Introduction

Ever since I started designing jewelry with gemstones I have been curious about the lore surrounding the energy of stones and crystals.  In the metaphysical world, the words stone, gem, crystal and Crystal Kingdom are used interchangeably.  That was always a bit confusing to me until I learned that most gemstones are actually mineral crystals - a pure solid substance that has an orderly repeating arrangement of atoms and molecules in three spatial dimensions. Some stones and organic materials used in jewelry such as turquoise, lapis lazuli, sunstone, amber, jet, coral and pearls are not crystals but still have metaphysical properties associated with them.  Learning that fact was just the tip of the iceberg. There are gems properties associated with emotional and physical healing, chakras, astrology, angels and more. There was so much I wanted to learn.  

Many ancient civilizations used natural elements and prayer for healing. Some people call this healing a metaphysical property because it helps to support and align our chakras.  Like them, I believe that every organic thing on this earth has a vibrational energy (which originates from God's own energy) that interacts with our own energies.

As I design my jewelry, I associate a wish, prayer or mantra with that piece in the hope that it will bring the wearer a positive energy such as good fortune, love, peace, strength, confidence, etc. This sentiment is invoked involuntarily.  It just resonates with me as I work on the design. Is it the stone's energy that is directing my wishes on the jewelry, is it a message from the Spirit or is it coming from within me?

In order to learn more about this I recently attended a course on stone awareness. The instructor talked about some gemstone healing properties and how to use them to balance one's chakras and bring well being into our lives. She even showed how our own inner spirit can help us blindly select stones that can aid us in what we are lacking. The more the information that I learned resonates within me I am realizing that it is a combination of my energy and the gemstone's energy that are infused into the jewelry that I create.  

The class instructor gave examples in the class of how there doesn't need to be a spiritual and belief system in place in one's life for the stones and crystals to have effect, though it does help.  The instructor of the class gave an example of how she was healed from a major illness by using stone therapy where doctors told her it could only be cured by surgery.   I would not go so far as to advise anyone to choose stone therapy over western medicine, but if I was facing major surgery or heavy doses of pharmaceuticals, I would give it a try for myself. After all, I have been using essential oils for treating ailments so why would stones be any less effective?

Another thing I learned in the class is that many gemstones, including obsidian, smoky quartz, sodalite and lepidolite, protect us from electro magnetic fields.  With all the screens emitting EMF's in front of us these days, this information alone made the class worth attending!

Personally, I have experienced the power of the energy from stones in my daily life many times.  One of the best examples is when I was shopping for gems at one of the huge shows in Tucson.  I am a sensitive person and the overwhelming noise, lights and crowds had me feeling frazzled and drained.  I stopped at the booth of one of my favorite vendors who only sells natural, untreated gems.  She could see right off that I was not feeling well and she handed me a strand of black tourmaline which balances energy.  I cradled the beads in my hand and within seconds I began to feel calmer, less stressed and as if I had just been sipping a tropical cocktail with an umbrella in it while sitting on a beach somewhere :)

I plan on writing more about the individual gemstone properties and legendary uses in future posts so comment below if there is a specific gemstone you would like to learn about. Also, I have a constantly curious nature and consider myself a forever student so please comment if you have had an experience with gemstone healing that you would like to share.

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