September Birthstones

Modern – Sapphire   Traditional – Sapphire  Mystical - Agate


Sapphire is considered one of the four traditional cardinal gemstones along with Emerald, Diamond, Amethyst and Ruby.  It is a member of the Corundum mineral family.  Corundum is one of the hardest minerals, second only to diamonds.  Even though blue is considered it's true color, sapphire is available in all colors of the rainbow with the exception of red because a red corundum is called a Ruby.  

Additional mineral compounds along with aluminum oxide create the differences in color, and in the case of Blue Sapphire, iron and titanium provide its hue. The name Sapphire is derived from the Latin sapphirus, Greek sappheiros, and Sanskrit sanipryam, meaning “blue stone

The only other sapphire with a special name is the pinkish orange Padparadscha. 

 padparadscha sapphireviolet sapphire

Through history, sapphire has been highly regarded as a stone of prophecy, wisdom, and royalty. Recent research indicates what we know today as Lapis Lazuli was also referred to as Sapphire in the ancient world, and much of the Sapphire described in the Bible and other ancient texts may have actually been Lapis Lazuli. 

Sapphires are a symbol of integrity and are highly effective for the speedy and positive resolution of legal matters and issues concerning justice. Since Blue Sapphire was traditionally worn when treaties were signed, wear or carry even a small piece of it when signing contracts or payment negotiations, for yourself or on another’s behalf.

Esoteric Attributes:


    Sapphire is exceptional for calming and focusing the mind, allowing the release of mental tension and unwanted thoughts. It encourages opening the mind to beauty and intuition, bringing lightness and joy as it restores balance within the body.

    Blue Sapphire assists those who are easily swayed by the opinions of others. It promotes a fuller understanding of the self, and assists one in becoming more secure in their own opinions and knowledge, and in expressing those truths to others.

    Blue Sapphire is a stone of love, commitment and fidelity, and has become popular in betrothal rings. In the event of a separation or divorce, it is advisable to remove any Sapphire jewelry gifted by the other person. Sapphires are stones of attachment and could prolong the connection or cause bitter feelings. 

    Blue Sapphire is effective for channeling healing powers from an angelic or higher source into the healer, and is popular with Reiki healers. Sapphire also amplifies healing through the voice.

    Orange or Padparadsha Sapphire brings the wisdom of loving creation from the heart to the world. It unites one’s creativity, sensuality and spirituality, and is a talisman of artists, writers and singers.

    Violet Sapphire brings the wisdom of spiritual awakening. It stimulates meditation, opens the Crown Chakra and allows the kundalini to rise unimpeded. It initiates oneness and peace.

    Green sapphire brings the wisdom of fidelity and integrity. It encourages compassion for others, stimulates vision, and improves dream recall.

    White Sapphire brings wisdom and strength of spirit, providing the inner resolve needed in overcoming difficult obstacles to one’s spiritual path. It brings clarity to the mind, and communication with higher guidance.

    Yellow Sapphire brings wisdom and prosperity. It not only assists in bringing financial abundance, but stimulates the inner will through the solar plexus to creatively focus and manifest one’s goals and ambitions


    Esoteric attributes are for informational purposed only and are not intended as a substitution of treatment from a health care professional.

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