March Birthstones

Modern – Aquamarine   Traditional – Bloodstone   Mystical - Jade


Aquamarine is a member of the Beryl family.  The name Beryl may not be familiar to most but the more common names of the variety of its colors are well known. Beryl’s come in pink (Morganite), yellow (Heliodor), green (Emerald) and blue (Aquamarine). 

The name of March’s blue birthstone comes from the Latin for seawater. Aquamarine’s blue-green color is reminiscent of the sea; evoking the calming, soothing and cleansing nature of water. It was believed in ancient times to be the treasure of mermaids and used by sailors as a talisman to calm waves and keep sailors safe at sea. It was also believed to counteract the forces of darkness and find favor with the forces of light.

Aquamarine has also historically been thought to enhance the happiness of marriages, harmonize its surroundings and protect against pollutants.


Esoteric Attributes:


Associated with the Throat Chakra and can help overcome the fear of speaking, especially in difficult situations, by stimulating the energy from the heart to the throat. 

Helps empower the speaker to remain calm and articulate one’s truths, feelings and wisdom with compassionate communication.

Has a cooling effect which counters infections and calms inflammation. It can be helpful in treating laryngitis, strep throat or a sore throat.

Harmonizes the pituitary and thyroid glands, regulating hormones and growth.

Useful for moving through transition and change, by removing resistance and helping one overcome fear of the unknown. It helps not only in the release of emotional baggage, but the clearing out of physical items and clutter. 

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