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Modern – Ruby   Traditional – Ruby  Mystical - Ruby

ruby crystals

Ruby is considered one of the four traditional cardinal gemstones along with Emerald, Diamond, Amethyst and Sapphire.  It is a pinkish-red member of the Corundum mineral family along with Sapphire. Corundum is one of the hardest minerals, second only to diamonds.  All other Corundums are considered sapphires, even the lighter pink ones. 

Rubies get the red coloring from their chromium and iron content. 

ruby crystal

 Through history ruby was revered as a symbol of the sun.  It has been worn as an expression of passion, a talisman of protection and to aid in prosperity. Ruby signifies light to the darkness of one’s life and encourages one to “follow your bliss”. 

ruby crystal

Esoteric Attributes:

Ruby's invigorating energy helps to overcome exhaustion and lethargy.  For a highly-sensitive person this energy can be overwhelming and cause irritability, though it can also offer protection energy to them.

Ruby’s intense energy helps to sharpen the mind and aid in concentration. 

Shielding crystal protecting against fear, nightmares and psychic attack, especially on those with a sensitive nature. Promotes courage.

A blood stone, stimulating good circulation and strengthening the heart.  Assists in detoxifying the body. Aids inadequate circulation or energy flow to the feet and legs. 

An aphrodisiac.  It is also the stone of courtly love. Encourages closeness and commitment in relationships. Aids in the sharing of love energy despite past hurts.


All photos By Rob Lavinsky, iRocks.com   Esoteric attributes are for informational purposed only and are not intended as a substitution of treatment from a health care professional.


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