January Birthstones

Modern - Garnet     Traditional - Garnet      Mystical - Emerald

When most people think of lush garnets, they think of the traditional transparent dark burgundy red that has long been associated with the January birthstone.  In fact, the word garnet comes from the 14th‑century Middle English word gernet, meaning 'dark red'.  Red garnet represents love.  It can aid in revitalizing feelings and enhancing sexuality.  It helps to control anger, especially towards oneself.

Because of the differing minerals in garnets, there are actually a number of colors varieties.  There is even a rare color changing garnet that appears brownish or orange in daylight but rose-pink in incandescent light.

This picture from the GIA website shows a variety of the colors:

Even though there are at least 38 color varieties of garnet, only a few of them are used in jewelry. The dark red is called almandine. Rhodolite (one of my all time favorite gems) is a juicy purplish red. Tsavorite and demantoid are green. Spessartite and Mandarine are orange. Hessonite is brownish. 

So, while it may appear that that those born in January only have a single red stone as their birthstone they actually have a rainbow of colors to choose from.

Esoteric Attributes:


Strongly regenerative healing stone. Brings strength and stamina.


Warm, trusting and sincere. Stimulates contemplation and intuition


Imparts self respect, eliminating feelings of guilt & inferiority


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