December Birthstones

Modern – Blue Topaz, Turquoise Tanzanite                                     Traditional – Zircon     Mystical - Onyx

Clue Zircon

In full disclosure, I must admit that the December birthstones are my favorites (though I am quite enamored with Aquamarine which belongs to March).  I can't discern if that is because I am a December baby myself or if it is because of all the shades of blue, my favorite color.  Either way, I will choose Zircon to highlight here because I have been working with blue Zircon in my Night Sky Collection pieces such as this Sparkling Moon Water Necklace.

Sparkling Moon Water Blue Zircon Necklace

Zircon is a very sparkly gem.  So much so that a colorless Zircon may be confused as a diamond.  Zircon is a natural gem (formed when magma crystalizes) and not to be confused with the lab created cubic zirconia. It occurs as small isolated or twin crystals in the form of stubby prisms. In it's purest form, Zircon is colorless but with the inclusion of impurities other colors such as brown, orange, red, blue and green emerge. 

brown zircon

Blue and green are the most rare colors of Zircon found in nature, but due to the popularity of those colors in jewelry, a certain variety of brown zircon can be heat treated to turn it blue.

Blue Zircon beads

Zircon has been used in jewelry since the Middle Ages but it has been around for much longer than that. In fact, the oldest mineral on the planet has been documented as an electric blue tiny grain of Zircon found in 2014 in the Jack Hills of Western Australia at 4.4 billion years old. 

Zircon has been called a "stone of virtue" and aids in aligning our ethics and morals with universal truths. This sparkly gem enables its wearer to experience life with a renewed sense of enthusiasm and joy and share that joy with others. It promotes unconditional love for yourself and others while bringing physical bodies and sprit into alignment. 

Esoteric Attributes:


Clears the aura

Aids in clear thinking

Relieves insomnia, especially in stressful times

Balances, Uplifts

Stabilizes the mind and emotions


Heals injuries & soothes pain
A protective stone
Activates the base chakra and libido




Heals headaches


Helps one open up to make new friends

Attracts wealth and abundance

Stimulates the heart chakra

Esoteric attributes are for informational purposed only and are not intended as a substitution of treatment from a health care professional.

1st image by DonGuennie - G-Empire The World of Gems

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